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SUV on Jacks - Contact us for auto body service, collision repair, color matching, refinishing, and other automotive services. Located in Paterson, New Jersey.

The Professional Touch
SINCE 1979

Our mission is fair, honest pricing, quick turnaround, and attention to details.

Our most recent CSI (customer service index) rating by Consumer Research Inc., was 946 out of 1000 points, categorized as outstanding.

UL (underwriters labs) high standards certification

Car Icon TOYOTA certification
Car Icon GENERAL MOTORS certification
Car Icon ICAR aluminum welding certification
Car Icon ROBIN AIR training
Car Icon 3M training
Car Icon PPG certified first shop
Car Icon KANSAS laser unibody repair training
Car Icon ELECTRON hss resistance welder training
Car Icon ASE certification
Car Icon CCC info services

Along with being certified for Toyota and GM we are experienced in the following:

  • All Domestic Models
  • All Foreign Models
  • Custom Vans
  • Utilimaster, High Cubes, Stahl, and Grumman Olson

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Don’t Allow Your Insurance Company to Pay for Inferior, Imitation Parts. Demand Original Equipment Parts (OEM). 
Don't Allow Your Insurance Company to Steer You to One of Their Non- Certified Shops.
 In New Jersey It Is Your Right to Go to the Shop of Your Choice.


Genuine GM parts are made with factory-specified steels and to factory gauge thickness that provides the best durability possible. Genuine GM parts are made from rust-resistant 2-sided sheet metal to resist surface rust and a layer of zinc on the inside to help prevent holes, which typically start on the inside surfaces. With imitation parts technicians often drill additional holes or contort the part to make it fit. This mismatch in the vehicle's character lines, leads to owner dissatisfaction and diminishes the vehicle’s value.

Protect your investment. For more information, call
800-GM-USE US. Or, visit their website www.GMgoodwrench.Com


According to Toyota OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts Position, vehicle factory warranties transfer only when repairs are completed with new Genuine Toyota Parts. The use of used salvage, imitation, or counterfeit parts is not covered by the Toyota transferal limited warranty. This applies not only to the parts themselves, but also to all adjoining parts and systems that may be caused to fail or rust by use of these parts. "Only OEM parts maintain the integrity." More info can be found at

Our Welding Certifications
A Must Read.

Using state-of-the-art welding equipment insures the most productive, highest quality repairs today. Resistance spot welding has always been used by automobile manufacturers. Today’s spot welders deliver more powerful welds, in shorter weld times, thus preserving rust protection and preventing high strength steel (HSS) from breaking down.

Our resistance welder costs $25,000. Most shops do not have this welder, or the training. The use of the old technology MIG (metal inert gas welding) can still be used, but this is not in accordance with Toyota specifications. MIG welding melts a filling material. The body technician drills holes in your new panel and fills it with liquid wire. This is the old way, used by most auto body shops today. Resistant spot welding fuses 2 pieces of metal together with high electrical current. There are NO burnt gasses discharged into the environment. Scully's has proven their welding proficiency by taking the industry standard I-CAR automotive steel GMA welding qualification test and the Aluminum GMA Welding Qualification Test. We now have a Certificate of Qualification. We have also been certified by General Motors in the same procedures. Continually improving the quality of our technicians' welding skills, gives our shop the competitive edge and ensures that your vehicles are repaired to Toyota's, General Motors’, and all other manufacturers’ high-quality standards.

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